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HEART WISDOM                                   Hrdaye Guhayam

"Enter the secret cave

of your heart"

Women's retreat at one of the most beautiful places of greece

On a promontory between Agios Stefanos and Arillas, nestled in idyllic olive groves and caressed by the wonderful golden light of the island is the Ouranos Club, our retreat place. The special atmosphere of the place, the quiet bays, the clean, turquoise water and the two nearby, long sandy beaches invite you to swim and relax. Small trips in the area in the still very original mountain villages. and walk along the coast are very charming. Here you can indulge the senses on all levels, through the bitter scent of herbs and flowers, through the variety of colors and natural beauties, through the sounds of the fauna and through the wonderful Mediterranean food. Corfu is Greece's greenest island and proves this every season with its magnificent plant diversity. Here time loses importance. Only the moment counts and wants to be savored.


Come with us

Your heart wisdom and your feminine power want to be lived. Do you like to be taken from us to the island of Corfu, with its enchanting nature, its beautiful beaches and the crystal-clear water? It is a special powerhouse for a week "Out of time" and stop in your heart's space. Together we want to honor our divinity with healing and nourishing techniques from Kundalini Yoga, Shakti Dance®, meditation, breathing techniques, Mantachanting, Thai Massage Yoga and Hladina®.


"When we so deeply touch our outer being
that we immerse ourselves in the seat of our primordial nature, the psychic being,
then healing happens!"


Women are Medicine


In this women's retreat, 3 seminar leaders open a mindful, safe and secure space with daily Kundaliniyoga and Meditation, Shakti Dance® and a very special energy work from the Hladina® Method. Thai massage yoga, sound relaxation, Agni Hotra fire rituals and a goddess temple evening are also part of the program.

Andrea (SADA NAM) loves to meet people's eyes and feel their soul fire burning.

Diving into deep conversation is just as important to her as expressing spontaneous, creative zest for life.

Andrea feels like a mediator between the head and the heart. She knows how to open spaces for love, joy and compassion. Accompanying people with their actions, where they are touched with their innermost jewel, with their inner peace and re-access to a life of awareness, equanimity, love of life and joy, is a matter of the heart. As you travel with her, you embark on a journey to your true self! Be it yogating, meditating, dancing, singing, painting, cooking or just staring into the stars. Favorite quote: "Everything you are looking for in the outdoors is already in you!"

Kundalini Yogateacher, Kundaliniyogatherapiest, Meditation teacher, Soundrelaxation, Shakti Dance® teacher, meditative artist

Manuela (Nirban Shanti) loves to feel the nature and the connection of heaven and earth, to connect joyfully from the heart to the breath with everything that is.



The Hladina® method is a precious tool for this because it teaches us to perceive our being, physically, emotionally & mentally. Through mindfulness and focused breathing, we become witnesses of our inner and outer processes without losing ourselves "in drama", pain, suffering, and so on. We are training our 'witness-consciousness' and can see ourselves, hold & evoke change. Hladina® is about freeing all the blocks that keep us from being free - our light, our strength - lovingly embracing, releasing them (the blockages) and keeping the potential free flowing into our system / to integrate our being. Through the Hladina method, we come into a process of reconnecting to who & who we really are, learning to trust, to accept & to radiate. Through artistic activity, Nirban Shanti ventures into a counterpart - an empty canvas or a piece of clay that wants to become a sculpture - and lets this third level, the spiritual, the spiritual, flow into her work. A very intimate process. Shakti-Dance® brings this joy, this process of marriage of earthly and heavenly into the community. Here a "we" can emerge, a big rainbow circle of individual (individual) sparkling lights that we all are.

Katja ( Akal Mahan) loves to be with the humans, animals, nature and plants of the earth. She lives her vocation wholeheartedly and with much love. She is a trained naturopath for traditional naturopathy such as phytotherapy, homeopathy and acupuncture. Even the completed Ostepathiestudium is again more in the direction of the healing touch. Osteopathy is a mindful, feeling listening. The body is a sensitive, sensitive soul instrument. Together we courageously explore: "What is it?" We experience the liveliness without judgment ... Through empathic touch we find the needs of the body through observation, feeling and feeling and go on the journey, the completely individual way into the liveliness! The Thaiyogamassage, Kundaliniyoga and Shaktidance extend the possibilities of self-experience! Together we explore the path to freedom and love!


Your gift to God or the universe.

In the ambrosial hours of the day, just before sunrise, we meditate with Breathwalk on the way to the beach. There, just at dawn, we light the Agnihotra Fire in a specially made bowl, using Pranayam techniques to rid the body of the night's slag and cleanse the new day.

Flowing asanas, morning chants and meditative dance mandala bring us into a deep, loving arrival with yourself.


is a fire ceremony that beats on the biorhythm of sunrise-sunset and is already found in the millennia-old Vedas. This easy-to-learn fireceremony can be done in minutes.

Nature is at sunrise and sunset in an energy state of perfect balance of power. A blissful flood of subtle energies pours on the earth at this time.

According to the principle of resonance, when performing Agnihotra a variety of valuable purifying and building energies are created.

They provide healing, constructive powers for man and nature and enable the restoration of ecological balance. Agnihotra follows the principle: "Heal the atmosphere and the atmosphere heals you."

With atmosphere is meant not only the atmosphere around our planet, but also the subtle atmosphere that influences our mood and our actions to a special degree.

Agnihotra is a very strong harmonization and purification both at the subtle level and in the physically measurable but. Positive thinking and acting is thus greatly facilitated.


The Ouranosclub spoils us with a rich vegetarian vegan breakfast buffet.


After breakfast, we will dive into the morning program, which will continuously unfold on a daily basis according to the group energy throughout the week, ranging from yoga to Hladina® work, shaktidance, ritual dance, essence work, Thai yoga massage, sound healing, women's circle.


This time is reserved for your own.

To enjoy the beaches or the near tavernas, to relax in the shadows of the stunning olive woods...or what ever makes you happy.


Before dinner we will meditate again with a meditation on our heart energies. Depending on the quality of the day, we individually choose the meditation from a rich spectrum of quiet meditation to dance meditation.


We are again nourished by the delicious vegetarian cuisine of the house.


Gentle, heart-opening, nourishing evening rituals that connect us with our feminine sensuality and the natural peace in our hearts. On one of these evenings, probably on the 4th day, we will celebrate a goddess temple evening.



Location: Ouranos Club, Arillas, Corfu,

Date: Saturday, June 29th to Saturday July 6th, 2019

Seminar management:

Andrea Pühringer / Innsbruck / Kundalini Yoga, meditation, sound energy, Shakti Dance®, artist

Manuela Pilbauer / Bremen / body-oriented psychotherapy, Haldina® method, Shakti Dance®, Ayurveda psychotherapy, art therapy, artist

Katja Zacherl / Munich / Osteopathy, Alternative Therapy, Thai Yoga Massage, Kundalini Yoga, Shakti Dance®

Investment Accommodation:

Douple shared Rooms:

7veget.HP from 500, -per week in apartment with shared bathroom and toilet.

Collective transfer from / to Corfu airport,

single room supplement € 100, -

Investment Retreat:

by booking until 12.5..2019 you can catch the Special Friends Offer.

If you come in pairs, each pays only € 400, -

If you come alone, you pay only € 420, -

From 13. May further the participation costs € 480, -

Info & Booking-Retreat:

Andrea Pühringer, mobile: 0043 699 10164799


Info & Booking Accommodation:

Petra Summer, Elementarreisen

Tel .: 0049-6151-3682173

info @ elementarreise-de,

Info & Booking-Retreat: Andrea Pühringer, mobile: 0043 699 10164799


Booking flight:

The flight booking is to be organized by yourself ___________________________________


5: 00-8: 00 SADHANA (Optional)

8: 00-9: 30 BREAKFAST


13: 30- 18:30 RELAX AND BE FREE

18: 45- 19:30 SUNDOWNERMEDITATION 19: 30-20: 30 DINNER

20: 30-22: 00 EVENINGGLORY

22: 00-5: 00 REST AND SLEEP


This daily schedule can be changed anytime by us!

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